At Path Hacks, we make the transition to university more fulfilling for students and their parents by focusing on three important steps:

Mining Your Self, Finding Your Fit, and Choosing Your Path

Mine Your Self

There’s nothing worse than getting up every day to work at something you don’t enjoy. That's why it's so important to introspect before choosing your postsecondary path. Our PATH Tool Analysis will uncover your strengths, passions and values so you can focus on who you are inside before looking at what's out there.


Find Your Fit

The pressure to plan your future can lead you down a path for the wrong reasons—and you can end up stuck in a program you hate. To help you make an informed, confident decision, we create your Personal PATH Profile, a blueprint for your postsecondary program research, tailored to you. 


Choose Your Path

We know how hard it is to research the dizzying array of university programs out there, so we do the work for you. We find the 5 programs that align best with your profile, then help you analyze the options at different schools to find the path that's right for you.

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
— Oliver Wendell Holmes