We know how hard it is to send kids off in the world but many parents feel blindsided by all the feelings and details that come with the transition. We give parents the tools they need to support this new path, manage their own separation anxiety, and develop a more adult relationship with kids who leave the nest.

Available In-person, through Skype, or over the Phone, our coaching sessions teach you the best way to support your young adult on a new path.

Choose from our coaching packages:


Relationship Growth Pack

Are concerns about The Next Stage in your child’s life keeping you up at night? Are you sad there’s a gaping hole in your life now that the nest is getting emptier? It’s no wonder. Moving on to a new phase of life creates as much excitement, apprehension and stress for parents as it does for kids—because your relationship is about to change.

We teach you how to support your child’s choice of path and allow your relationship to flourish in during the university years and beyond. Take advantage of our wealth of expert info, including exercises, strategies and advice on how to foster your independence and theirs, respect boundaries, and set reasonable expectations during these important young adult years.

Transition Prep Package

Are you brimming with practical questions about your child’s transition to university? Of course you are. We’ve got all the answers you need to help you support your child’s newfound independence. As parents, we’re used to just taking over when things aren’t going exactly as planned. But during this transition, your job is to give your young adults the reins.

Learn to help your child manage all the practical stuff, including how to choose a program that feels right, start controlling finances, promote safety, consider nutrition/health plans, deal with housing/roommate issues, manage workload/academic expectations, and a whole lot more.