These days, kids are under tremendous pressure to figure out a life plan way before they’re ready. At Path Hacks, we know that life has a way of changing, and so do paths. Whether they’re applying to university, switching programs or taking the next step after graduation, we help young adults identify their values, strengths and passions—so they can find a path that feels right, for right now.

Available In-person, through Skype, or over the Phone, our coaching sessions give young adults the tools they need to confidently kick off their future. 

Choose from our coaching packages:


University Kick Off Pack

Your choice of school and program is the first important step in your career journey. We coach you through the process in 3 stages, depending on your needs.

Step 1: What Do You Want To Do?

To help find your program fit, we get to know your goals, values and interests in order to research and identify possible paths. From there, we work with you to home in on the right fit.

Step 2: Where Do You Want To Go?

To help you find the school you want, we identify the programs, schools or cities that correspond with your interests. From there, we work with you to find the one that stands out from the rest.

Step 3: How Will You Get There?

When you know where you want to apply but don’t want to do all the work alone, we do it with you. We spend the hours it takes to gather all the information you need to submit your applications, worry-free and on time, and work with you to get it done right.

Application Support Pack

You’ve chosen your schools and programs (high-five!) but how do you convince them they want you? You know you’re the ideal candidate. Now let us help you prove it.

We know how to make you stand out from the crowd. From letters of intent to interview coaching, the most competitive application is a compelling and authentic reflection of your unique goals and experiences. We guide you through the process as you get it all together.

Change of Direction Pack

Feeling lost at school? Afraid you’re headed in the wrong direction? Want to explore other options like internships, co-op or travel opportunities? Times change, people evolve, opportunities arise. Just because you applied to one program or school doesn’t mean you can’t change your mind. In fact, it’s the nature of paths: they lead to other paths. If you’re in a place that no longer feels right, we can help.

We make it exciting to explore new directions by getting you back to the table to evaluate new program options.

Young Professional Coaching Pack

Now that you’re almost done school or recently graduated, you may find yourself plagued by OMG What’s Next? You’re not alone. Many new grads don’t have a clear career path. As a result, they find themselves anxious and depressed or eager to take any work, even if it doesn’t excite them. The pressure to take the next step—first job, travel, another degree?—can weigh so heavily on grads that it makes introspection tough, especially when everyone around them seems to be on “the right track”.

We help young professionals introspect and evaluate their options so they can kick off their career in a calm, confident mindset.