At Path Hacks, we make the transition to university and beyond easier for young adults and their parents by focusing on three important steps:

Finding Your Fit, Choosing Your Path, and Getting Your Tools.

Find Your Fit

Finding your fit takes takes time, introspection and support and we’re here to make it a fun, productive process. There’s nothing worse than getting up every day to work at something you don’t enjoy. While paths inevitably lead to other paths and most people’s studies and careers take twists and turns, connecting to what feels right for you is the first important step.


Choose Your Path

The pressure to plan your future can make you feel frozen or forced into a path for the wrong reasons—and you can end up stuck in a program or job you hate. We help reduce the noise so you can investigate your options and make an informed, confident decision.  


Get Your Tools

Our toolkit of strategies and smart tips—aka Path Hacks—keeps young adults focused on a path that feels right, and parents focused on supporting them. Every step along the road to a fulfilling career is valuable—so don’t stress! While the idea of the future may seem scary, the journey toward it can be exciting and fun.  

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
— Oliver Wendell Holmes